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Searched everywhere about “how to download new movies in HD? ” but didn’t find any platform that provides this service for free. Don’t Worry! Try Movierulz pz. Movierulz is a pirating website that provides you with torrential links by which you can download any movie in full HD free of cost. Movierulz has a collection of more than a million movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed, available in all language options for free. No subscription or registration is needed, just visit the Movierulz website and download any movie you want for free. 

From time to time Movierulz ds website is becoming more famous and the most visited platform for downloading movies in HD. Millions of people now connect on the website and have a lot of daily visitors. In 2022 during the lockdown, it was visited by millions of people for downloading movies in HD.

How To Visit Movierulz Website If It Is Blocked In Your Nation?

In some nations, you are not supposed to visit Movierulz Website. This is because this website is blocked due to some local laws of copyright. But don’t worry! There are several ways to visit the Movierulz ds website. By using these methods you can easily visit Movierulz Sx websites for free. 

By Using VPN

Virtual Private Network is widely used in the world for visiting blocked and banned websites in various nations. It provides you with the safest way to visit the Movierulz website. It continuously changes your IP address so that you stay protected and can’t be tracked by any agency or government organization. VPN can be easily downloaded from the play store and web browsers. What are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy blocked sites without any worry.

How To Download a VPN? Which Is The Best VPN?

GoingVPN is currently the best VPN that provides you free services but you are not supposed to download it from Google Play Store as it is removed by Google due to some privacy reasons. 

It is very easy to download the GoingVPN. Just follow the given steps:

  • Open any preferred web browser in your android, iOS, or desktop Chrome is best for it.
  • Search for GoingVPN.apk download and click on go.
  • Open the official website of GoingVPN and search for a download option.
  • Start your download and after finishing your download install the application on your device
  • Open the GoingVPN application and click on turn ON VPN. 
  • It takes a little time and after the VPN is on just enjoy free VPN services.

Download The Latest Movies

Providing you with a wide variety of new and latest movies for free. Easy to download directly to your gallery. Most of the users wanted to download dubbed movies so, Movierulz Pz provide a wide variety of all types of dubbed movies in all languages like Hollywood dubbed movies, Bollywood dubbed movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, Telugu dubbed movies, Hindi dubbed movies, and much more for free, no charges are applied on all services. Provide for free to all visitors and users. Users can download any movie dubbed in their local language so that they can understand it easily. 

Is It Safe To Download Movies From Movierulz Website?

Let me clear first, It is unsafe to visit and download movies from the Movierulz website especially when your country has a ban on this website. Many government and non-governmental hackers are always searching for people like you and you may go to jail for copyright claims. So, always keep in mind don’t visit Movierulz Pz if it is blocked in your nation. No, what? Is there no way to visit these websites? Don’t worry! There is only a way to use a connection but make sure you are using a well-reputed VPN connection that is untraceable and continuously changing your IP address.

You need to worry not only about government websites but also about private hackers or ghost hackers. These hackers are continuously active on these types Of websites and if you are used to downloading any file there are a lot of chances of you being trolled by them, they will steal all your data from your system, and if you are using net banking the make you bank corrupted and fly away all your bank balance in seconds, So always try to use a mobile which doesn’t have any payment application or net banking available. Use a stash mobile or PC with no sim card and any other data.

Steps To Protect Yourself From Getting Trolled And Caught On Movierulz website:

Hey! Do you want to download movies from the world-famous movies download website Movierulz without getting caught by government organizations and trolled by ghost hackers? I have some points that you need to be sure of before visiting these websites:

  • Never use your domain address or IP address for visiting the Movierulz website
  • Always connect to a popular and interrupted VPN before visiting this website.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone with mobile data or a sim card.
  • Use wifi connection if possible 
  • Remember and follow the above steps and enjoy unlimited fun as download the latest movies in HD.

Last Advice

There are many fake alternatives of the Movierulz websites on the web which are unsafe and are created by unofficial hackers to steal your data. So, I suggested you not visit these websites, some of the alternates of Movierulz ps are given below:

S NOMovieRulz Mirror sitesStatusSSL
268 movierulz plzONYES
27movierulz. PzONYES
28movierulz. dsONYES
29movierulz. page 2ONYES
30movierulz. tcONYES
31movierulz plz 2ONYES
32movierulz psONYES
33movierulz. IcONYES
34movierulz wapONYES
35movierulz msONYES
36movierulz pageONYES
37movierulz plzONYES torrent magnetONYES
39movierulz. sxONYES
40movierulz .acONYES
418 movierulz psONYES
436 movierulz plzONYES
44movierulz .sxONYES
45movie torrent magnetONYES


Hope that you came to know how to download any latest movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood movies in Hindi, Bollywood movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Telugu dubbed movies, Tollywood movies in Hindi, and many other categories easily in your android, iOS smartphone, and desktop. But stay safe and u trackable by flowing the above steps carefully, one single mistake less to make a glitch or hope in your privacy.

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FAQs  Of Movierulz 

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz is a pirating website that provides you with torrent links, through those links you can easily download any movie in HD for free. You are not supposed to get a subscription or registration.

Is It Safe To Visit Movierulz Or Is It Safe To Download Movies From Movierulz?

No, this is an illegal website banned in some nations. So it is not safe for you to visit this website without a VPN connection. 

Ques3) How To Visit Movierulz Without Getting Caught?

Ans) Movierulz website is banned in some nations so you can visit this website only with a VPN connection and personal wifi.

Ques4) How to download the latest movies in HD?

Ans) In today’s world it is very easy to download and see any latest movie for free. You can download the latest movies from the Movierulz website, which provides you with all movies in all formats. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Dubbed movies for free.

Ques5) How To Visit Movierulz Safely?

And) To visit Movierulz safely keep in mind the below points:

  • Use a VPN connectivity 
  • Use wifi instead of mobile data
  • Never sign in your email on this website
  • Use a trash mobile to visit.
  • Keep in mind all the above points.

Ques6) Why is Movierulz banned in some countries?

And) Movierulz is a proxy site and is banned in some nations due to local copyright laws but you can visit that site by a VPN connection.

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