How to Care for Your Work Laptop

The proper care of the laptop you work on and take home with you can mean fewer trips to tech support, being able to work without tech issues interrupting your flow, and finishing your work well before your deadline. A fast, smooth-running laptop can make your work much less stressful and much faster. Here are the top six tips to take care of your work laptop.

Make Sure You Opt for a Durable Model

To begin with, if you have a choice, then look for a work laptop that is built to be resistant to water and dust, while also being tough enough to withstand the odd fall or knock. Many modern business laptops today are built with a tough chassis made from metals such as aluminum that can withstand knocks or applied pressure. 

Hold and Keep it Correctly

When you need to hold your laptop, make sure you hold the base with both hands (ideally). Never hold the laptop via the display screen since this can dislodge or crack the display. When you’re using your laptop, make sure you keep it on a dry, even surface. To prevent accidentally knocking over your laptop, ensure you place it such that it isn’t too close to the edge of the surface. Avoid keeping the laptop on a cushion or the bed since this can block the airflow and heat the laptop.

Keep It Away from Potential Spills

Never keep food items or drinks close to the laptop. This is especially true if you have pets, children, or a cramped workspace. Liquids can cause short circuits and electrical damage that can destroy the laptop or worse, cause a fire. Similarly, food particles can get lodged into the ridges of your laptop and cause the keyboard to become unresponsive with time.

Regularly Clean Up Temporary Files

Make sure you regularly perform a disk clean-up. This eliminates all temporary files and unwanted documents. A disk fragmentation every 3-4 months is also a good idea. Similarly, if there are software programs or tools that you haven’t used in a long time or don’t intend to in the near future, try uninstalling them to save space and make your machine run faster. 

Clean the Laptop Correctly and Regularly

Try using a small brush to dust away dust or debris from the keyboard and other parts of the laptop. Make sure you clean with a light touch. Clean the display screen with a microfiber cloth or a wet wipe. Make sure you don’t use too much moisture through the wipe. 

Don’t Place Objects Over the Laptop

Even business laptops that are built to last can be damaged over time if you keep placing heavy objects such as big books or folders over the laptop. Pressure over the laptop can damage your display while also affecting the overall performance. 

A well-cared-for work laptop can improve your productivity in subtle but unmistakable ways. So, make sure you take good care of your laptop for finishing all your work tasks faster. 

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