6 Best Time Management Tools and Apps You Need to Look Into

Do you have trouble getting your task done or juggling a lot of things simultaneously? If so, integrating time management tools is the thing for you to help you schedule work, and projects and organize your time accordingly. Technology these days has helped us do our daily activities and enhance them so that we can live our lives in a more structured manner and do things effectively. So, check out these six time management tools and apps that we think will help you to be more organized and on track with your time! 

Here are the 6 Top Management Tools and Apps


Toggl is an excellent time-tracking tool to incorporate into your life to make sure you remain productive and complete your work. Since everything is in one place, you can see what is coming your way and prepare for it, making it easier to plan, monitor, and deliver work projects visually. With the simple interface, you can say goodbye to messy spreadsheets!

If you work with a team, you can easily track their progress to ensure the collaboration process is smoother and maintain a schedule to complete tasks by the deadline. Moreover, Toggl is accessible on your smartphone and desktop so you can access it efficiently!


Do you find yourself feeling like you have no energy or the motivation to do your work? Well, it happens to the best of us, and the Forest app was created for this specific reason. The Forest app is a time management tool slightly different from your standard ones. This innovative and entertaining app promotes concentration by using the Pomodoro technique, which divides work into manageable chunks and short breaks.

The way this app works is that you need to maintain your attention during work or anything you need to focus on, then your virtual tree will expand. However, if you waver from your goal, the tree will die, such a cool concept, right?


For effective time management, including task and project management, billing, work reporting, and time tracking, Scoro is the best tool. It gives you the freedom to choose how you complete work, no matter where you are, be it small or large projects. It enables effective team collaboration by using an end-to-end work management system which is always a great feature to have whenever we work as a team.

Scoro is a widely known tool that many companies use, which we can safely say will help you organize and ensure that you can manage your time more effectively. It is also available to download on your MacBook or desktop to guarantee a better way of working!  


If you feel like you haven’t accomplished much or didn’t know what you did all day, then you will be intrigued by Rize. Rize keeps track of the time and offers insightful advice on increasing focus, becoming more productive, and creating better habits. The best part is that you automatically enter information, so you don’t have to do it constantly.  

Plus, the purpose of Rize is to help you maximize your productivity which everyone needs a boost every now and then. Among many other features, you can see how many hours you’ve worked, how much of that time was spent focusing, how much time you spent switching between contexts, and which websites distracted you the most. It is an amazing and efficient tool to track and improve your focus, making this time management tool worthy of checking out.  



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While having so many schedules and notes on your laptop, you will encounter trouble with identifying where everything which could create chaos that will eventually lead you to more stress. DeskTime is a desktop and mobile time-tracking app filled with practical tools for anyone looking to maximize their time at work. It consists of solid tools for attendance monitoring, workflow management, and productivity measurement that improve team and individual performance.

Additionally, you can independently plan your schedule using DeskTime’s time tracker, and your clients can easily follow your progress regardless of where you are or when you choose to work. However, while you are on track with your work, the app’s Pomodoro timer will closely monitor your workload. In addition, it prompts you to take periodic breaks, so you don’t lose focus while upholding healthy routines, which is a great feature that could benefit you.


The notion is a variety of productivity apps to help you keep your notes and work organized in one platform. You and your team will be able to collaborate, share notes and documents, and create a common knowledge base that will serve as a resource for all of your project management needs.

Things such as to-do lists, spreadsheets, note-taking, project management, and other tools are all compacted and put into Notion. So, it helps you stay on top of your time management and organization while saving you time and money. As the interface is simple and easy on the eyes, it is definitely a great app to check out!

Everyone is finding ways to make their time management a little bit better so they can have a pleasant working experience, and these tools will help you with that. Workloads can be overwhelming, but with the right tools and app to assist you, your organization and management skills will be on top of the game. So, see what tools will benefit and work for you to find the right one, good luck!

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